Solutions for Carriers & Vehicle Owners (Small and Large)

Trackplus works with customers on an individual basis to ensure all transportation management needs are being met. Our system eliminates the need to manually enter crucial information.


Upto 10 Vehicle


More then 10 Vehicles (Small Transporter)


Relating to Large Transporter


Loading Order Management

Trackplus will allow you to manage loading order for any company’s source location. It will allow the company to transport any item to various destinations.


Trackplus manages loading orders and allows users to input dispatch information and view available orders. The dispatch operations provide users with available orders which can be dispatched with available vehicles to particular locations. (User can dispatch directly without order management system also)

Advance and/or Diesel Slip

Trackplus enables users to define the advance % and the maximum freight advance to be given to the driver. It also lets the user define how much cash is to be given as advance and as diesel slip which will be given at the Petrol Pump. User can also print both of the slips.

POD (Proof of Document)

Trackplus lets the user keep the POD information with the received quantity through which the user can effortlessly make the bills and know the shortage.

Freight Generation

Trackplus lets the user generate the Freight Voucher for their own/hired truck in which they can deduct the advance and shortage and pay the final freight amount and define the payment details like NEFT/DD/Cheque/Cash Information.

Service Bill Generation

Trackplus permits it’s users to convert the POD to service bill and print the service bill according to the company’s format.

Other Invoice

Trackplus allows the users to generate GST Transportation Invoice by HSN code (Rack Handling).


Trackplus generates essential reports to Print & Export to PDF/Word/ Excel/XML /CSV/RTF formats. It also allows the user to filter data by many conditions like Total/ Monthly/ Daily / Consignee /Consignor/Destination/Source Location/Item/Vehicle/Transporter.

SMS Integration

SMS alert for Diesel Slip, LR Deletion.
OTP for Duplicate printing.

User Privilege

You can create/update Users and provide right’s as per user level/role.User Privilege (Rights)

Type of Reports

Dispatch Register

Trackplus generates Dispatch Register and you can filter on Consignee/Consignor/Source Location/Destination/Item.

Diesel Register

Trackplus generates Diesel Register also you can filter on Particular Pump/ Vehicle/Transporter.

Shortage Register

Trackplus also generates Shortage Register and you can filter on Consignee /Consignor/Item.

LR Pending for POD

Trackplus can also generate Reports to know the Pending LR for POD and it also allows you to filter on all criteria.

POD Pending for Billing

Trackplus can also generate Reports to know the Pending POD for Billing and it also allows you to filter on all criteria.

Record Register

Trackplus can also generate Reports to know the complete details of a particular LR like Dispatch, POD, Advance, Freight & Billing and it also allows you to filter on all criteria.



Captures complete information (Consignee/Consignor/Party/Transporter/Pump Owner) with GSTIN, PAN and Bank Details.

Item / Material

Creates Materials list to be dispatched.


Total vehicle information like Owner, Transporter, Driver Information and Engine & Chasis No , Date of Registration with Servicing Details.

Vehicle Type

Maintain Vehicle Type like 10,12,14,… Wheels.

Source Location

Creates Location from where material has to be dispatched.


Creates Location to where material has to be dispatched.


Creates Tyre with Make , Serial No, Company and Name of the Supplier.

Tyre Location

Creates Tyre Location for issue of Tyre to the particular Vehicle.


Server & Technology

SAAS (Software as a Service)


Montly / Yearly Plan
  • 1-10 Vehicle
  • 3 Users
  • 5 GB of Storage Space
  • 1000 MB Bandwidth/Month
  • Registration Charge
  • Setup Fee
  • 24/7 support


Montly / Yearly Plan
  • 10-50 Vehicle
  • 5 Users
  • 10 GB of Storage Space
  • 2000 MB Bandwidth/Month
  • Registration Charge
  • Setup Fee
  • 24/7 support


Yearly Plan
  • Unlimited Vehicles
  • Unlimited Users
  • 50 GB of Storage Space
  • 5000 MB Bandwidth/Month
  • Registration Charge
  • Setup Fee
  • 24/7 support

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